Pest Control in St. Paul: How to Prevent Ants from Invading Your Home

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Pest Control

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Ants are pesky little creatures that once they get into your home, never seem to want to leave. That is when it’s time to call in the Pest Control in St. Paul professionals to take care of the problem for you, before the invasion gets so bad that nothing much can be done.

While homes have screens to keep flies and other insects out, there is not much that will keep an ant out when it’s determined. Below you will find some tips for keeping the ants out of your home, after the Pest Control in St. Paul professionals have rid you of them the first time.

Make sure that when you discover the ants, you vacuum everything. If you have an attachment, use that, as it will work to suck up every bit of dirt, debris, and even ants that may be left over. Make sure that you empty the vacuum right away. Vacuum everything from the cupboards to the drawers basically anywhere that bugs could get to food and crumbs that people or pets might drop.

Wipe down every single surface with ammonia or some other household cleaner. Believe it or not, ants are attracted to even food splatters that you might not notice right away. Wipe behind the sink, the ridges on your cabinet doors, and your baseboards as well. Any Pest Control in St. Paul professional can tell you that the more food you have laying around, the harder it will be to prevent ants from invading your home.

Peppermint and water sprinkled on windowsills, and anywhere else that ants could gain entry is a great way of deterring the colonies that might be marching towards your home. After you do this, make sure to keep all food up and wipe away any, and every, crumb that you drop.

Getting rid of ants is a major undertaking but once they are gone, it is pretty simple to keep them away, if you follow the tips above and clean your home on a regular basis. The professionals at Be There 4 You will be glad to spray for you anytime.

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