Pet Burial Or Cremation – The Best Pet Solution

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Shopping

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When your pet dies, it can be a tragic event. For many, the grieving that occurs is little different than that granted a human individual. Counseling may be required for those who have felt a strong connection between themselves and their pet. Yet, before the grieving can be allowed to run its natural course, a more practical matter becomes an important issue. Is it best to bury or cremate. Both are possible solutions. Yet with cremation, pet urns, making both the grieving process and memorialization more flexible.

Issues Of Pet Burial

Burial is one option pet owners turn to when their pet dies. It is the traditional way. Yet, today’s lifestyles often affect the means of carrying it out. If you are an urban dweller several things may act against your ability to give your beloved pet a proper burial near your home. These include:

  • Space – not everyone lives on a large piece of property. A backyard may be too small to bury a large pet.
  • Apartments, condos or townhouses – even if you ask permission, chances are no one wants you to bury even the most wonderful pet on common land
  • Legality – bylaws often prevent, with good reason, the burial of pets of any size on a person’s property. They sometimes cite health reasons, but it is also out of consideration for anyone who may move into your home after you die or if you need to sell it
  • Mobility – if you are on a base, change jobs with frequency or like moving, you may find burial is not the best solution unless this is what you plan

One simple answer to the many variables is burying the pet in a pet cemetery. Here you can allow your favored animal to rest forever. It is possible to select the coffin, choose the right spot and provide a marker.

An option is laying your pet to rest in a pet cemetery. You can choose a coffin. You can choose a spot. You can even have a headstone. AS you will be paying fees for upkeep, you can relax in the belief that someone will always make sure the grave is well tended.

Cremation For Pets

While cremation of animals has occurred for centuries, cremating a pet is relatively new in popularity. Accepting the ashes and placing them in specially designed Cremation Pet Urns is one way urban residents and world travelers can help ensure they know what is happening to the pet’s remains. After all, homes get destroyed and pet cemeteries may close down and be bulldozed out of existence. Cremation seems a practical solution to what some also see as an environmental issue.


Burial has its advantages but cremation is environmentally friendly. Cremation pet urns are a simple dog memorial anyone can carry with them. When the time is right, the ashes can be released. It will be letting go of the grief while retaining the memories of a much adored pet.