Pro-Flow Dynamics for Quality Camlock Fittings

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Business

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Pro Flow Dynamics is a company that is known for supplying various couplings.  The couplings are made to quickly and easily connect and disconnect piping and hoses in the domestic and commercial market.  These include chemical, petroleum, food and industrial market.  The products are quality tested and have a competitive price.  In addition the company promises high customer service standards and timely delivery on order.  Fluid dynamics both in the home and in the commercial setting are very important.  It could be your sewer system or your sink, or it could be part of the process in a milk processing plant or a winery.

Your fluid dynamics will need to be properly taken care of from the onset.  You need to ensure that you buy your parts from a licensed distributor or a company with a top notch reputation such as Pro Flow Dynamics.  In addition you will need to carry out maintenance checks to ensure that any potential problems are noted early and dealt with quickly before they turn into a bigger problem.  Although camlock fittings are very durable and will generally take a long time before they need replacing, keeping an eye out, for that is absolutely important.

If you use camlock fittings made by PT Couplings, you know they come in various sizes and types.  The standard sizes range from three quarter of an inch to six inches in diameter.  However, if your piping needs are different from the norm you can have them custom made to fit your requirements and specifications.  They are made from various materials including polypropylene, brass, aluminum and stainless steel.  If yours is a food processing plant such as a winery or milk processing plant then you will need food grade plastic for your couplings.  Polypropylene will do nicely.  If you run a plant that requires high pressure transfers or high temperature ones, you may want to consider brass couplings.  At Pro Flow Dynamics, we stock these couplings and you can order them by calling us or visiting our website.

The couplings are desirable for several reasons chief among them being the fact that they are easy to connect and disconnect.  You simply raise the arms of the coupler, insert the male adaptor into the female couple and lower the arms.  Just like that you will have sealed it tightly shut so that there will be no leakage of any kind.  There are specific safety measures that have been incorporated in the new couplings which make it difficult for the joint to come apart and cause damage to property or injury to people, while allowing the connection to vent and release pressure in a high pressure situation.

Pro-Flow Dynamics are your number one supplier of various cam lock fittings.  We carry high quality products that can be used in the domestic or commercial market.