Reasons Calling a Professional is Best for an Air Conditioning Emergency in Prince George’s County

by | Mar 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

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When an a home’s air cooling system stops working in the hotter months of the years it can become a very uncomfortable situation for the members of the household. Many times when the temperatures outside are rising it can create a lot of stress for those inside the home. To help in eliminating this type of issue, when the unit stops working a homeowner should contact a company who handles this type of Air Conditioning Emergency in Prince George’s County MD.

One of the first things the repair person needs to check on the unit is the condition of the wiring to the system and ensures it is getting proper power. Many times a breaker will be flipped, causing the unit to stop receiving power and a homeowner may not realize it. Checking this will alleviate this type of concern.

The repair person will also want to check the air filter to ensure it is clean and air can pass through it. If the air filter on the unit is not clear enough for air to pass through, the system will still produce cooled air it will just remain trapped in the system. Replacing the air filter and using a vacuum to clean any excess dirt around the area can often solve this problem.

The outside unit can also become too dirty to allow proper airflow. This can create an Air Conditioning Emergency in Prince George’s County MD as well. The technician will first need to clean out and remove the housing on the unit. They will then need to check the coils to determine if they are caked in dirt. If they are, a water hose with a high-pressured nozzle attachment can be used to clean the dirt from the coils. Fins should be checked to determine if they are in proper alignment. If they are not, this will need to be adjusted.

Finally, the technician should check the system for any signs of Freon or coolant leaks. This is generally easy to see on the unit. However, checking the gauge on the unit can also be a good indication. Normally the gauge does not more, so if the coolant levels have dropped, the unit will need to be examined thoroughly so the leak can be found and fixed.