Why You Should Hire Disability Attorneys in Tacoma

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Hiring reputable Social Security Disability Attorneys in Tacoma is something that many people need to do before attempting to apply for benefits. If you are applying for disability benefits, it may because you are injured and unable to work. Therefore, you need monetary assistance from the Social Security Administration. There are programs for adults and children, as well as for those who have worked in the past and those who have never had the chance to do so. However, the unfortunate fact is that most of these claims are denied. It is for this reason that you should engage a qualified Social Security lawyer to help you file your claim.

When you have a good Social Security Disability lawyer by your side, they will inform when and why you need assistance for filing your disability claim. Consider the following aspects of the process

About 70 percent of the disability claims, both the SSI and SSDI are denied by the Social Security Administration at their initial stages.

When your initial disability claim is denied, you will need to file a second claim, commonly called the Reconsideration level claim, which also has a high probability of being denied.

It is prudent at this point to hire a Social Security disability lawyer, because as you may find out, the next step may require you to file for the disability claim in court, and that is when it is imperative to have the services of a lawyer.

Reputable Social Security Disability lawyers will work with you from the initial stages of filing your claim to the moment the process is complete. Though they may not be able guarantee that your disability claim will be accepted, they can help to minimize the risks of simple errors that may lead to a denial. The lawyer will also inform you whether you are eligible for disability benefits by considering your current condition.

When you hire Social Security Disability attorneys in Tacoma, you can deeply understand the claims process and what it means to you. You will know all the options available to fight for a denial and whether you are likely to get the disability benefits you need. With the help of your disability lawyer, you can increase your chances of receiving disability benefits.

Todd R. Renda, Attorney At Law in Tacoma, can help you handle your entire disability claim in the most professional manner, thereby increasing your chances of receiving the benefits you need.