An Attorney Experienced in Wrongful Death in Fort Wayne, IN Will Find Who is at Fault

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Losing a life to some action that is wrongful in its cause as well as its consequences is a horrible experience for a family and parents. The laws of every state including Indiana provide compensation for the victim’s family. It is important to contact an attorney immediately who is experienced in wrongful death claims.

There is always evidence surrounding the wrongful death of a person that is necessary to preserve. One essential act is contacting witnesses who may forget or may change their minds about what they know. It is not unusual for witnesses that are employees where the death occurred to be intimidated. Documents can be destroyed such as those which would indicate prior problems with equipment that may have caused the death.

The wrongful death attorney in Fort Wayne IN can move quickly to obtain necessary evidence to support a wrongful death claim. They can investigate an accident site, interview witnesses, take photographs if appropriate, and interview people who may be experts in the cause of the death.

Construction accidents on the site are not difficult to prove if there is evidence of failed equipment or a dangerous site which was not protected. An inexperienced worker who is operating equipment which resulted in a death is a matter for an experienced attorney to establish. Construction sites are so dangerous that when the potential causes of accidents are enumerated it is really alarming. However, an experienced attorney can find the cause of an accident by their training in investigative techniques.