Moving? Think About Your Heirlooms and Art!

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Moving Services

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When you move somewhere else, you don’t want to throw your heirlooms or art pieces into the truck where your other furniture and items could damage it. Depending on how long your move is, your art or heirlooms could be bouncing around with all your other belongings for hours on end, so you may want to consider hiring a professional service to help you move your more delicate pieces. Many antiques and heirlooms have memories and history attached to them, so you need to ask yourself these things to be sure you’re transporting your precious cargo.

  • How long is the trip?

If you’re moving all the way across the country, you’re going to run into roads with varying conditions. There could be rough surfaces from construction, or potholes from unkempt roads. Every bump in the road is going to shift anything in your moving truck that isn’t tied down. The longer your precious belongings are in a truck, the more risk there is of your things being ruined, especially if your things are improperly packaged. Consider a professional art moving company for long trips, so you don’t have to cringe when going over every bump in the road.

  • What’s the temperature like in the truck?

Some items are sensitive to temperature. Old paintings and antique wood may be more susceptible to tarnishing or losing color if exposed to humidity or different temperature. There isn’t very good temperature control in the back of a normal moving truck, so you want to be careful when packaging your things, so they are less exposed to the air. Any change in temperature or raise in humidity could cause the water in the air to seek out your precious items.

If you can’t make these accommodations for your pieces, you may want to consider a professional service. Services like Art Pack that offer art shipping and crating in Orange County can help you move your items to wherever you need them in a timely and safe manner.