Rental Property Management in Olathe, KS Will Protect the Owners’ Investment

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Real Estate

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Professional rental property management is essential for the protection of the owner’s property and to provide the assurance that rents will be paid, or swift action will be taken to remove the tenant. A rental property management company will advertise the property through a number of sources designed to attract renters. Generally, a management company will find a renter in 1-6 weeks. The time depends on the condition of the property, the neighborhood and the price. One of the advantages of hiring a rental property management company is they know the neighborhood and the type of property, so they can give the owner a good estimate of what the property will rent for.

When a property management company is involved, they will do a thorough background check on the applicant that includes verifying credit, criminal background, sexual offender registries, employment, and experience with any previous landlord or management company. Management companies will learn about anything that the owner should know. Rental Property Management in Olathe, KS is the surest way to protect the owner’s property investment. The management company collects the rent and deposits the proceeds in the owner’s bank account less the management fee. If a tenant is two days late, then the management company will move on evicting them with the owner’s permission.

The management company will make a record of the condition of the property at the time of lease and then again when the lease is up for renewal or is being terminated. Drive-by inspections are made periodically. An inspection is made when a maintenance call requires entering the home. Of course, a security deposit is required to cover damages.

Management companies are experienced at working with rental applicants and they can, therefore, often spot trouble before they rent to the applicant. There are a number of questions that are asked during the initial interview, and questions can be asked of former neighbors with the applicants’ permission, and if the applicant declines to give permission then a red flag just went up. Rental Property Management in Olathe, KS is skilled at making discreet inquiries when appropriate. The owner wants a company who cares about their property as if they owned it. Advantage Homes for Lease will do the kind of screening that an owner wants.