Hiring An Effective Naturalization Attorney In Cincinnati, OH

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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You should visit The Bell Law Office if you need a Naturalization Attorney in Cincinnati, OH. Jessica Rodriguez Bell is a naturalization attorney that assists immigrants in securing visas, avoiding deportation, and beginning the naturalization process. She is familiar with the necessary steps required to achieve your goal of becoming a United States citizen. If you are facing deportation or are ready to start the naturalization process, contact Ms. Bell today to schedule a consultation.

Securing a Visa

Foreign visitors are required to secure a visa to enter the country legally. These visas are offered for three reasons. These reasons are work, college, and leisure. If you are inside the country on a visa and are unfamiliar with the process for updating and maintaining this visa, an attorney can assist you. Your preferred attorney will review your documentation to determine the most effective course of action to enable you to stay within the country.

Applying for Citizenship

It would benefit you to consult an attorney in regard to applying for citizenship. During the process, you are required to attend educational programs and participate within an interview. This process is lengthy and may present concepts that are unfamiliar to you. By consulting a naturalization attorney you become prepared for this process and understand your rights.

Your preferred attorney can discuss your case with your assigned Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. She or he can present your documentation to this agent in a manner that is effective and protects your rights as a visiting immigrant. If your visa is scheduled to expire, your attorney can file additional documentation to enable you to remain within the country.


Non-resident immigrants may require a Naturalization Attorney in Cincinnati, OH for a wealth of reasons. The primary reason is to remain within the country and avoid deportation. It is only through establishing residency that an immigrant can become a legal citizen. Residency is established in one of two ways. The individual can establish residency for the required amount of time through a work visa or by marrying a United States citizen. If naturalization is appealing to you, it is critical that you contact an attorney immediately.