Understanding Your Workman’s Comp Case In Melville, NY

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Workman’s Comp in Melville, NY is an insurance requirement for any company that hires more than two employees. This insurance policy covers liabilities associated with work-related injuries. It also provides compensation when the injury results in a permanent disability. In most cases, it is probable for the employee to receive a percentage of their wages while under medical leave due to this injury.

Severity of Injuries

Work-related injuries range from mild to detrimental based upon the type of work duties you perform. For instance, if you work in dangerous environments such as chemical plants, the odds of you becoming injured are significantly high. In these settings, it is more likely that an injury could become permanent or have a detrimental effect upon your life.
In worker’s compensation cases, a detrimental injury in which the victim becomes permanently disabled will require a significant settlement. However, it is the insurance companies that will fight to decrease this settlement value as much as possible. This is why your attorney must gather viable evidence that presents the detriment of your injuries and how they occurred.

Negotiations and Court

In some cases, it is possible for your attorney to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company out of court. However, in order to accomplish this goal, he or she must have an overwhelming amount of evidence to back up your claim. This is why he or she will gather this necessary evidence before approaching the courtroom.

Local Representation

Gilbert, Blaszcyk, and Milburn work with victims of on the job injuries. They review the evidence that is associated with these injuries to determine whether the insurance company’s findings were justified. Cases that these attorneys handle relate to occupational diseases, environmental accidents, and severe spinal injuries among others. If you need legal representation to fight the insurance companies, you should contact this law firm for further assistance.


Workman’s Comp in Melville, NY provides coverage for work-related injuries. These injuries are severe in nature and result in lost wages and hefty medical bills. If the insurance company does not award benefits, it is likely that they will not provide additional coverage for these injuries beyond the initial evaluation. When this occurs, it is vital for you to acquire legal counsel to fight for your right to benefits and coverage.